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These are unprecedented times, as we all know. It is with heavy heart that I share the message below from one of our board members, Keith Mika, that has been personally impacted by this reality.

Keith lost his father on Thursday to this terrible disease. Even with the loss of his father, he and his family leads us all in this time by sharing his thoughts... Please read the message and keep them in your thoughts and prayers. Our deepest condolences to them.

The BGYFL Board

Below is a post that my wife put out about my dad and the virus. It has been shared over 100 times, I think it puts a name to the issue at hand. I have attached her post and would like to see if you think we could share this with the BGYFL community. A week ago it was a punch line but then it just turns into a punch to the gut when you realize the final outcome of this virus. Dying alone, family members quarantined, and no closer.

As people of all ages are complaining about the inconveniences they are facing due to shutdowns and Stay In Place orders, let me help you grasp the magnitude of the situation.  

Kelly’s Post
“As I posted on Friday, my Father-in- law passed away on Thursday.  As an immunocompromised person due to Heart disease and Diabetes, my father-in-law contracted the Covid-19 virus, was admitted to the hospital and passed away 5 days later.  

As a Catholic family, and under normal circumstances, we would be planning a visitation service and a funeral mass to welcome friends and family to honor our beloved.  A gathering of all those that knew him.  

Instead, we have been unable to be with him since he was admitted to the hospital.  He was immediately quarantined.  His wife of 51 years sent home to quarantine for 14 days. We impatiently waited for updates via phone calls from the wonderful Dr.’s and nurses. In the end, he was alone.

Unable to comfort each other through hugs and family contact due to the quarantine period, we are forced to communicate through phone calls and text messages.  

We are fortunate to have a friend who is a Funeral Director and has been guiding and assisting us through this difficult and unknowing time. Funeral homes are extremely limited on visitation services and churches are closed. We are forced to extend our grieving process and alternative options decided upon.  A celebration of life will take place when we are all able to gather and honor our Vietnam Vet the way he deserves to be honored.

So if your daily routine is inconvenienced, I ask you to think of those, like my family, who are dealing with an unprecedented situation.  We are forced to accept it and move on the best that we can.  

I do not write this for sentiments of sorrow or pity.  I simply am asking for everyone to take this seriously.  My family is living the nightmare that has now become our reality. We continue to follow and respect the quarantine procedures because we are responsible citizens. Many other families have already and may sadly follow in our situation, Covid -19 related or not. However, the closures will continue to impact families just like ours.

No need for response, just action!
God Bless!”

Keith Mika


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